Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BOSAI expansion to create jobs.

Chinese-based Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) is set to undertake major expansion works in Guyana that will see the creation of additional jobs and investment opportunities in the South American country’s bauxite industry.

Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud met yesterday with the board of directors of BOSAI, during which they discussed matters pertaining to the company’s expansion in Linden, Region Ten.

Minister Persaud said that BOSAI is on the verge of a major expansion in Linden and government is in the process of finalising the company’s prospecting licence for the Block 37 area.

“This will allow the company to have access to a greater amount of ore so that they can continue to mine…this will enable them to invest in the new areas,” Minister Persaud said.

He added that government needed to ensure that the plans for the company are on stream because a shareholder government has to make certain that its commitments are met, more importantly the community of Region 10 can look forward to an expansion which will yield benefits for them.

“The principals are here from China…we are pleased with the progress being made so far…we see a continued commitment by the company in this regard,” Minister Persaud said.

He added that the first phase of investment will see the company injecting more than US$57M which is significant.

“The company will be spending significant sums to resolve the major environmental issue of dust trapping… the process of the installation of dust trapping activities are more than 90% completed and within the space of two weeks two other components will be brought in that dust trapping mechanism will be fully in place… the EPA will be finalising an agreement with the company on Wednesday, “Minister Persaud said.

Minister Persaud said that government has realised that even though development comes at a price and expansion is seen by the company in the region, although it will create jobs for Lindeners and bring an increase in foreign exchange, they will ensure that environmental standards are met.

BOSAI’s Company Secretary, Norman Mc Lean said that the company is committed to the expansion of its project at Linden and the production of two new products with the introduction of the new areas.

He said the company is concerned with the well-being of Linden community and its environment.

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