Monday, March 12, 2012

Parliamentary comportment

The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) has waded into the functioning of Parliament. It complimented the action by the APNU/AFC coalition – to vote down the appropriation for preparing the site for the new Speciality Hospital. It pronounced enthusiastically, “This unprecedented development signalled the dawn of a new era.”
The government members in the House, according to the RCC, were quite out of line in “registering their anger, distress, and disagreement” with the APNU/AFC’s action. These latter paragons of parliamentary rectitude “through its comportment” showed how it’s to be done.
The Church has come home, no?

But shouldn't this body wade into more serious issues such as the increase in violence against women, the molestation of our kids and other ills which have impacted on the lives of many, including its members?


  1. Christopher Ram fingered in pilfering and demanding monies from law students at UG:

    "Law students being exploited at UG PDF Print E-mail
    Saturday, 10 March 2012 22:57
    I AM writing this letter out of frustration as I have sought other means of addressing this issue but have been unsuccessful. I have a child in the 2nd year law programme at the University of Guyana, and I, other parents and students are being financially exploited by the law department.
    As a tradition, the 3rd year students (the graduating class) usually host a welcoming reception for the first year students of the department so as to get them acquainted with the lecturers and fellow colleagues. I see no harm as the students do hotdog and food sale on campus to come up with money to offset that expense. The cost for this event is just about $300,000.
    However, the current 2nd year class has set up a committee to deal with this fundraising and it is this committee that has now decided to, in addition to hosting the traditional reception for the 1st year students, host a gala for magistrates, judges and members of the judiciary. The class will now have to raise $2M for the hosting of these two events.
    Last semester, they hosted a hotdog and food sale, following donations from students in the class and got just about $200,000. This semester, the students were told that they each have to contribute $1000 a month towards the $2M target. In addition, they have another hotdog sale on Wednesday for which they have to make donations. What happened to the $200,000 profits they made last year? Why does a parent have to keep contributing monies towards a gala for judges and magistrates, who can very well afford to buy tickets for such an event?
    Parents who have children in the law programme have to pay extremely high sums for tuition. In addition, the cost for the work materials from lecturers are expensive. Every week I have to pay at least $1500 for handouts from lecturers. The cost for books for that programme is exorbitant. For example, the cost for the two required books for one course – administrative law- is $28,000. They are doing four courses, so Mr. Editor, you can imagine the cost. Thus my child had to settle for photocopy versions of the two books which cost $3500 and $2000 respectively.
    Some days I can barely afford bus fare for my child to go to classes just to hear that classes have been cancelled. The tuition for Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad is $6.4M and come next September, I have to mortgage my home to get that money and that cost does not include accommodation, food, books and other school materials.
    Last week, I got entirely fed up of the situation and so I told my child (I am purposely not identifying whether my child is a male or female) that I will not be giving any more money to contribute towards any gala, hotdog sale, food sale or anything for the law department outside of materials for the courses. To my surprise, I came home that evening to see my child in tears because of ridicule that was faced in the class from the committee members for not paying the money requested.
    The next morning that child refused to go to classes because of fear of not again being able to contribute. I subsequently called the law office four times to speak with the head of department on this issue and each time I was told that he was not available. But what has pushed me over the edge is that one of the committee members on Friday, while seeking volunteers to sell at the upcoming sale they have on Wednesday stood in front of the class and identified my child saying, “Peter (not real name) since you have not contributed any money or anything towards the sale, you will have to come sell the hotdogs.” This is utter nonsense!

  2. Like seriously the church is joining with the opposition in voting down the the hospital that would provide more services for the guyanese people.Its a shame.

  3. These people is just seem to be out to criticize others they lashed out at Edghill when he made is statement.Now look at them Not wanting a Hospital to be built.