Thursday, March 15, 2012

Police Commander Ramnarine received $320,000 cheque

The Ministry of Home Affairs today supplied evidence that $320, 000 out of the $90 million police elections fund was allocated to Divisional Commander David Ramnarine and it provided a copy of the returned cheque dated November 26, 2011.

The Ministry in a statement said that “as regard the allegations made by a Divisional Commander that he did not receive money from the Guyana Police Force for elections, the Guyana Police Force is in possession of the returned cheque in the sum of $320, 000 which the Ministry has been advised was endorsed by the Commander and encashed by his Divisional Finance rank”.

The copy of the Republic Bank cheque which was attached to the release was written in the name of “D. Ramnarine Asst. Commr” and prepared by the Guyana Police Force Central Welfare Fund, Police Headquarters, Eve Leary.

This move was made after Ramnarine, a close friend of Kaieteur News publisher Glen Lall, told that newspaper he had not received any money out of the $90 million which was allotted to feed ranks and for policing activities.

Ramnarine was often accused of supplying Kaieteur News with information on security matters as well as the details of police investigations.

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