Thursday, March 15, 2012

Second batch of solar panels for Gov't’s hinterland electrification programme to be delivered today

A second batch of solar panels for the government’s hinterland electrification programme is expected to be delivered today.

According to Project Accountant Annie Ramnarain, some 10,000 units are expected to be delivered and installed by the end of April. She explained that already 1,000 solar panels were distributed last year, while the remaining 10,000 are expected to complete the process this year. “Under this project, there’s 11,000 solar panels inclusive of the accessories; the wire, clips, pockets and bulbs and all that. We’ve started across Region 9; over the weekend we delivered 888 systems and today [Wednesday] we are going to start roughly around 500. Today and tomorrow we are going to load the trucks and tomorrow night we are going off,” she said adding that residents in all 54 villages in Region 9 will be receiving solar systems.

Over the weekend, she said, Apoteri (22), Rewa (48), Crash Water (36), Annai (80) Aranaputa (98) Fair View (55), Surama (52), Rupertee (61), Yakarinta (93), Massara (52), Kwatamarang (71), Kwamatta (30), Toka (45) received panels, bringing the grand total to 888.

Villages expected to receive this batch include Fly Hill (32), Kaicumbay (30), Quatata (46), Parashara (32), Nappi (79), Quarine (36), Moco Moco (87) and Semoni (32).

Ramnarain said that each panel was of 12 volts and will be able to power about two bulbs.

However, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds explained that because they were 65-watt solar panels, in a month, one unit will be able to obtain about 12-15 kilowatts hours of electricity which would be enough to supply lighting to a number of low energy lamps in addition to a small radio or a similar electronic appliance.

“This is an electrification project through which we are working to ensure that every family, every home in Guyana has some degree of electrification and we have this programme for the hinterland area,” he said.

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