Monday, March 12, 2012

Nestor too distraught to remember that the president is constitutionally mandated to call elections at anytime.

We’re all surely aware of the old caution, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” What we were not warned about is that the ‘scorned woman’ can take out her fury on bystanders. The poor, spurned one hopes to ingratiate herself with the haughty object of her obsession. So she’ll attack those she imagines are opposed to her callous lover. Think, if you will, of Lurlene Nestor.

It’s a tale we’ve told before. But it bears repetition – if for no other reason than to warn other gullible young ingénues as to what happens when you’re no longer so young, so innocent, or so sleek. Anyhow, Lurlene, as youth leader, supported Corbin faithfully for a decade in all his Machiavellian manoeuvres to stave off challengers. She sacrificed on the altar of ambition so many principles she might have had.
But she didn’t realise that once you offer yourself as a minion, you’ll always be seen as a minion. And that’s how Corbin’s proxy, Granger – brought in as Corbin’s last-gasp gambit to stave off oblivion – views her. He didn’t even consider her for Parliament – after she faced rubber pellets. But Nestor still hopes to return into the limelight.

So she sends off her interminable letters to the press – attacking the PPP and crying for attention. Hoping to be a PNC minion once again. Her latest missive, however, is so lacking in logic that we fear her grief might have damaged her mental stability. On one hand, she goes on a long rant that the PPP wants “snap elections” so they’ve gone to court over the proportionality principle. Nestor is obviously so distraught that she forgets that the president is constitutionally mandated to call elections whenever his heart so desires! No subterfuge needed.
But then she goes on to assert that the PPP knows it can’t win a ‘snap election’, so its calling for one is just to “cause Guyanese to get into a frenzy and act irrationally”. What the…! The only people going into a frenzy at the mention of ‘snap elections’ is the APNU/AFC coalition, who have been exposed as the frauds they are. We wish Nestor well: unrequited love’s not easy!

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