Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If Sugar workers lose their livelihood Khemraj Ramjattan will still receive his duty-free cars

Gerhard Ramsaroop misleading GUYSUCO

The AFC is up to their old tricks: fishing in the troubled waters of the sugar industry while shedding crocodile tears. Everyone and their uncle – including the government and GuySuCo – accept that the industry is in trouble. But with such a crucial aspect of our economy, you would hope the AFC would show some semblance of responsibility. Fat chance! For these jokers of vaulting ambition, there is no ambulance they would not chase; no strike they would not foment. So what if the workers lose their livelihood? Khemraj Ramjattan, who conceded in T&T that the AFC can only receive ‘protest’ votes, will receive his duty-free cars.

In their Sunday column, AFC’s Gerhard “Flower Boy” Ramsaroop unctuously ‘mourned’ the “industrious, hard-working employees of the sugar estates” then expanded on what they would “do” for sugar workers. Right up front, they would give relief to sugar workers, “who are forced to pay 33.3 per cent of their wages towards taxes”. Where do these jokers get off? They want to get rid of GAWU and they don’t even know that field workers’ wages for weekends are not only calculated at time-and-a-half, but are absolutely tax free? That Annual Production Incentives are also Tax free? That in effect this makes more than one third of the wages of field sugar workers tax free? Go tend your tulips, Flower Boy!


  1. These people try to lead others on when they know that if they take what they are saying its the person that loses that listens to them.

  2. The AFC try to take political mileage by courage these people to do what they doing which they know clear that if these sugar worker stop work they in the AFC would still be getting a salary and other benefits.

  3. Christopher Ram should teach Gerhard and Ramjattan some tax exemptions as Chris Ram pocketed his share of Hotel Tower proceeds to pay for his mansion at Winter Gardens, Florida.

    NOTE: Just because the mansion is in the antiman sons' name implies that they bought it. Chris Ram shady monies bought the US$500,000 mansion.