Friday, March 23, 2012

Hell hath no fury like a bookkeeper scorned!

Ex-bookkeeper and newly matriculated lawyer Christopher Ram is livid that Nigel Hinds claimed that Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh is one of Guyana’s “best and brightest”. Ram fumed in over 1100 words as to why this can’t be so! Ah! Hell hath no fury like a bookkeeper scorned! Ashni is still a real PhD in finance!


  1. I suspect that Christopher Ram forced Mark Benschop to change his website domain after finding a website that exposed Christopher Ram affairs with a similar name to Guyana Observer News.
    Christopher Ram is suing wild west. Someone should punch that POS in his face and take over his accounting firm before he takes over Guyana.
    66 years old is not far from 99. You don't live forever Christopher Ram.

  2. The victims of these “prominent citizens” are voiceless and vulnerable, and when they seek recourse to the law of the land for protection and justice they are further vilified, victimised and traumatised by the “prominent citizens” of the land, who bond together in fraternity, with the ruling Party and the President becoming the scapegoats of their nefarious and even criminal actions.

  3. who do he think he is ......smdh