Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If barefaced Glenn Lall can call for baring of secrets, then it must be a two-way street.

OBSERVER: THERE is a great deal of truth in the cliché “you can take the girl out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the girl”.
Similarly one can climb out of the gutter but cannot get the sewage out of his thoughts.
Therefore truth and aboveboard arrangements would be out of his range of configuration, because his mind is consumed with effluent.
Such as the “miasmic matter” which a special person recently swallowed in enough quantity to drown his mind with faecal matter, which finds an outlet through the overflow from his pen.
At a press conference held recently at the Pegasus hotel to address the ‘Kaieteur News’ contentions that former President Bharrat Jagdeo had sold massive areas of land in a “secret deal”, Glenn Lall, who ‘poped’ an event to which he had not been invited, but in recognition that very substantial advertising revenues that keep him living in luxury comes from the very company that he had so wantonly maligned, barefacedly tried to play “reporter” – a job that is beyond the scope of anyone mentally challenged, and questioned the Ansa McAl executives in efforts to prove the latest of the unending lies that his newspaper propagate and perpetuate.
He told the executives that it was because the government has many secret deals that he accused Ansa McAl of complicity in such a deal.
But he had no apology to make, even though he was unequivocally informed that there had been no land deal between the government and the company – a company with sound financial status in the business landscape, which has massively invested in Guyana, and which is prepared to partner with Government to develop Guyana’s ethanol industry and all the offshoot industries that would evolve as a natural eventuality, with all the accrual benefits to this country and its citizens.
Someone suggested that Glenn Lall has a black tongue, which, once he pronounces on any development project in his inimitably negative style, kills the project dead at some point.
But ‘The Donald’ has made his own pronouncement, that government would facilitate investors with all the requisite tools to enable growth and development in the nation.
With Ansa McAl’s track record in business, and Guyana’s track record in national development, no hex from anyone’s black tongue could stymie what promises to be a major growth pole for Guyana’s economy.
But with Glenn Lall’s call for public declaration of business deals by companies that would prefer to retain confidentiality within a competitive paradigm, maybe backtrackers would also heed this call and open their books to scrutiny.
Even electricity thieves who call others corrupt should have a fit of conscience and confess their sins to the public.
After all, it is rumoured that it is officials from this much-maligned government that saved a certain media Moghul and his senior staff, who were complicit in the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of energy from GPL, but who brands everyone else as corrupt, from years in jail and massive fines for electricity theft.
If barefaced Glenn Lall can call for baring of secrets, then it must be a two-way street and he should say openly whom he had fingered among his associates as drug dealers to successive American ambassadors, as exposed by Wikileaks not so long ago.

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  1. Glenn Lall is one of those people who bad talk other n forget about themselves and what they did to get to the top or be a public figure.