Wednesday, March 14, 2012

APNU/AFC FIRST 100 DAYS: A single-minded focus to seize totalitarian power in the name of “the nation”.

There have been several reviews of the government’s first 100 days in office. But with all the hoopla about the “new dispensation”, there’s been a deafening silence about APNU/AFC and their 100 days. And for good reason. The record of their first 100 days is a testament to the fascist mindset that revels in its single-minded focus to seize totalitarian power in the name of “the nation”. The opposition’s media cohorts would not want to trumpet right now: the iron fist must be kept in the velvet glove.

You would have noticed the constant refrain that its mandate “from the nation” – a 0.8 per cent majority! – gives them the right to speak for ‘all’. This is emblematic of fascism: the party is one with the ‘soul of the nation’. As we have pointed out before, the opposition is following the script of the godfather of fascism – Adolf Hitler himself. As with their hero, the opposition tried to intimidate the election authorities – GECOM – to declare them “winners” after their ‘protest’ marches in the streets.
After making the point that they could always resort to violence, the APNU/AFC coalition followed up their maxim that ‘politics is just a continuation of war by other means’. Slighting the president’s historic offer for “tripartite talks” seeking consensus on ‘the way forward”, the opposition coalition went against all parliamentary conventions and seized the office of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House. This was a strategic move: it gave them control of the parliamentary agenda.
The language used in the choice of Speaker by APNU’s Granger is instructive. Nagamootoo, Granger declared, was ‘suspect’ but Trotman was “genuine”. With control assured, the APNU/AFC coalition trampled on the Constitution when it transformed its 0.8 per cent electoral lead into a 10 per cent advantage and grabbed a majority on the key Committee of Selection.
Emboldened by its success in its nefarious plot to seize total power, as Hitler was in his first 100 days, the APNU/AFC coalition has boldly announced it will seize all parliamentary committees tomorrow! We hope the courts will have the intestinal fortitude to halt this budding rule of the jackboot.

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