Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All rights guaranteed & all duties demanded by a Constitution can be circumscribed if it clashes with other rights & duties.

Christopher Ram is at it again. And once again, he reveals his abysmal knowledge of the law and what it means to be an officer of the court, which he is even though he’s just been admitted to the bar. Ram once again jumped into the case of Assistant Commissioner Ramnarine, who has been accused by Minister of Home Affairs Rohee for violating a Force Order.

We are on record as stating that a proper accounting of the $90 million allocated to the police for expenses incurred during the elections must be accounted for. But the issue at hand is another, more fundamental one: can an officer of one of our Disciplined Forces, take it upon himself and break an explicit Operating Order? Ram says, “Yes!” and cites the part of the Constitution that says it is the duty of: “every citizen to combat and prevent crime and other violations of the law”.
And this dolt claims that since “the Constitution is the supreme law”, this duty cannot be circumcised by any other law! Is he for real? What marks did he get in Constitutional law? Any first-year law student would know that all rights guaranteed and all duties demanded by a Constitution can be circumscribed if it clashes with other rights and duties!
Can a soldier give away military secrets because he has the right of ‘freedom of speech’? Can Ram traffic in child pornography? All courts have placed some “time, place and manner” restrictions on constitutional freedoms and obligations. The Disciplined Forces have a duty to defend the people and state of Guyana and in fulfilment of this duty rules for their conduct have been promulgated. And it is one of these rules that have been violated.
The Police Order does not abrogate the right of free speech or duty to prevent a crime absolutely. It merely outlines a procedure for the maintenance of discipline in the force so members can better fulfil their duty. Whether we like it or not, the men in the Disciplined Forces are placing their lives on the line and they must have absolute knowledge that they are all on the same page on the Standard Operating Procedures.
If Ram and the rest of the Opposition want a Whistleblower’s Act, there is a procedure to be followed. It’s not on the books right now.


  1. one of mi padna find some copy of roger khan accounts in ramesh seebarran’s office. ramesh used to deal with aurelius inc,” the principal activity of this corporation is the collection, dressing and sale of lumber to local and foreign markets”.
    stain masters was in operations.
    if u want, i could see for roger khan personal information in those old files.
    ramesh audit firm throws away any file older than 10 years old. an employee must have hid the file so it wouldnt be thrown away.
    if you want salim bank account information, i can get the employee to steal and mine some information from the old files.
    ramesh thought he could have hid information from acca about salim and roger khan. christopher ram’s letter to salim azeez arranging a deal to sell hotel tower is lost.
    the employee wants $200,000 to get the information for you so he/she/it can stop corruption, one condition is that you dont publish the employee name.
    any accounts that christopher ram or ramesh seebarran audit, i can give you access to the personal files such as :
    Hotel Tower
    Rae Seebarran
    Sacre Coeur Mining
    New Line aqua farm
    General Marine Co.
    Canal Investments
    Popeyes (El Dorado restaurants)
    Guysons engineering
    old files from roger khan business
    Guyana Quality Seafoods
    Republic Bank
    Kei Shars
    Shell frontline businesses
    Rose Ramdehol auto sales
    Bhena’s Footwear
    Guyana Stores Ltd.
    Giftland Office Max

    If you’re cheap like Christopher Ram or Ramesh Seebarran, you can just break in the accounting firms and collect the files yourself.

    One question- If Christopher Ram is a saint and virgin mary as he claims, why is he auditing and doing underhand business with money launderers associated with the demons? Glenn lall is another freaking Nazi.You can't trust these fellas.

  2. Guyanese Chartered Accountant and ACCA Member Mr.LALLBACHAN CHRISTOPHER RAM of Ram and Mc Rae Chartered Accountants, 157 C Waterloo Street, did shady dealings with local drug lord and money launderer Salim Juman Azeez of New Line Aqua Farm.
    Christopher Ram, as Trustee of Hotel Tower under receivership, liquidated the Hotel Tower to the drug lord. Christopher Ram suppresses freedom of speech by confiding with the publisher of muckracking newspaper and former human smuggler Glenn Lall of Kaieteur News.
    ACCA is a coward and ICAG Guyana cannot prosecute Christopher Ram because of conflict of interest. ACCA is ridiculous. The Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate the Director of ACCA Glasgow and seize all his assets. Scotland Yard will be notified of the Director's support in cocaine trafficking, prostitution and money laundering committed by ACCA members.

  3. The Police should investigate Ram these are serious allegations