Monday, March 12, 2012

The PPP in government has always supported the opposition holding the Deputy Speaker

From independence on May 26, 1966 to August 1992, the Speaker of the House was a nominee of the then PNC government. Of the 7 Deputy Speakers for the same period, 4 were the PNC’s nominee and 3 came from the PPP in opposition. From 1992 October to September 27, 2011, the opposition PNCR, with exception of the 1998-2000 period when the PNCR boycotted Parliament until 1999, nominated and held the Deputy Speaker.

It should be further noted that 7 of the 11 Deputy Speakers have been nominees of the PNC in government and in the opposition (including APNU) over the last 48 years and to date have held and do hold the Deputy Speaker. The 10 th Parliament saw the election of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker coming from the opposition parties, thus breaking the long held parliamentary custom and practice that the Speaker comes from the government nominee and the Deputy Speaker from the opposition.

To erase any doubt, please see the list below from the Guyana Parliament records:
Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly from 1966 to present:
Speakers of the National Assembly
1. 1964-1967 - Mr. Aubrey Percival Alleyne (PNC)
2. 1968-1970 - Mr. Rahman Baccus Gajraj, C.B.E., J.P. (PNC)
3. 1971-1992 - Mr. Sase Narain, C.M.G., O.R., S.C., J.P.(PNC)
4. 1992-2000 - Mr. Derek Chunilall Jagan, O.R., C.C.H., S.C., J.P. (PPP/C)
5. 2000-2001 - Mr. Winslow Zephyr (PPP/C)
6. 2001 to 2012 - Mr. Hari Narayan Ramkarran, S.C. (PPP/C)
7. 2012- - Hon. Raphael G.C. Trotman, M.P. (AFC)
Deputy Speakers of the National Assembly
1. 1964-1968 - Rupert Clement Tello (UF; PNC from 1968)
2. 1969-1970 - Mr. Oscar Eleazer Clarke (PNC)
3. 1971-1973 - Mr. Derek Chunilall Jagan (PPP/C)
4. 1973-1974 - Mr. Marcellus Feilden Singh (UF)
5. 1974-1976 - Mr. Ralph Chesterfield Van Sluytman (PNC)
6. 1976-1985 - Mr. “Boysie” Ram Karran (PPP/C)
7. 1986-1992 - Mr. Reepu Daman Persaud (PPP/C)
8. 1992-1997 - Mr. Arthur A. Alexander (PNC)
9. 1998-2000 - Mr. Winslow M. Zephyr (PPP/C)
10. 2001-2011 - Mrs. Clarissa Sabita Riehl (PNC/R)
11. 2012- - Mrs. Deborah Backer (APNU)

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