Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaieteur News & Stabroek News have their agenda to ‘oppose, expose & depose’ the PPP government

After the initiation titillation, the Kaieteur News and Stabroek News are being seen for what they are: sick alarmists and Christmas blow-blows.
We all remember about Jagdeo’s third term, don’t we? These jokers swore on their children’s heads that Jagdeo was going to alter the Constitution and ensconce himself as president for another five years. Now that we have had elections and a new president – do we hear any apologies or even an acceptance that they made a mistake? No siree, Bob! They proceed blithely to scream about new falling skies.
So their front-page headlines screamed about a ‘secret deal’ Jagdeo signed with the T&T’s ANSA McAL. Land three times the size of Barbados had been given over to the foreigners!! The explicit message was that the dastardly Jagdeo was giving away the country’s patrimony for a measly 30 pieces of silver. So, up come ANSA McAL executives to explain that all the MoU was about was for the corporation to conduct a “feasibility study” to explore a possible ethanol project. Possible.
Mind you, all of this was clearly stated in the T&T newspaper report that the KN and SN latched on to.
The Kaieteur News and Stabroek News, as part and parcel of the opposition, have their agenda to ‘oppose, expose and depose’ the PPP government by any means necessary. But they should realise, no one is taking them seriously.

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