Monday, March 5, 2012

Christopher Ram's policies, in the home and office, are of double standards.

The following letter was sent to be published by Liveinguyana from and overseas based Guyanese:

Sunday March 04, 2012

Dear Editor,

I have a premonition that a known columnist of financial and recently, a legal, educational background is not throwing in the towel with reference to his tirade with Mr. Ralph Ramkarran (SC).

First of all, this columnist was fingered in a controversial sale that conflicted with the rules and ethics of the accounting standards of which he is a member of. For him to point fingers and attempt to assassinate the character of Mr.Ramkarran in his Kaieteur News letter "Different Acts, Different Standards" indicates clearly that his policies, in the home and office, are of double standards.

As this accountant is politically linked with the opposition party, it is no surprise that he has no statement to give with regards to Mr. Green's atrocious and quasi-racial slur on his view of India investing a Hospital in Guyana.

Speaking of which, as history taught us, the notorious Adolf Hitler portrayed himself as a saviour, a helper for the German people, criticizing his opponents fiercely and silencing those who go against him. He was trusted by many Germans and labelled the Jewish people as the enemies because of his animosity against productive people.
As soon as Hitler gained enough trust and influence on the masses, he started one of the worst crimes against humanity by being responsible for the deaths of over 15 million people in WW2, in which over 6.5 million Jews were mercilessly slaughtered under his control.

I find it disturbing that his accountant, and the opposition parties as a whole, are somewhat similar in nature to Adolf Hitler's ideologoes. A key component in Naziism, according to a common knowledge website, Wikipedia, is "Nazism promoted political violence, militarism and war." This is similar to the APNU's cause during the 2011 elections as they attempted to rig it.

No wonder this accountant relentlessly pursues legal (maybe unconstitutional) action to shut down websites that mention his name. Last year, this accountant's wife wrote a distasteful letter with offending material mocking the owner of a blogger and claiming that all anonymous blogs should not be trusted. This dangerous statement is a potential attempt in a more serious crime in which her husband is planning to do.

I have been informed by an employee of this accountant's intentions, and I find it very disturbing. It involves cyber-criminality and support for terrorism. I cannot publish the claims because the accountant will dismiss those claims and everyone will believe him, just as the German citizens believed Hitler in the 1930s.

To end, the distorted facts and figures that the accountant and former UG lecturer claims in order to manipulate the minds of the population has no effect on the hidden truths that these critics have been trying to hide from the public. Those who have glass houses should not throw stones.

Yours sincerely,
**************** Street
New York, NY
United States of America.

I highly doubt that Kaieteur News and Stabroek News will publish this. Christopher Ram is the Guyanese Nazi.


  1. ooooo...kaieteurnews will hesitate to publish this unless d person changed ram's name to some PPP/C official which would be slander.

    why does ena and ravendra want to deny that chris ram sold a hotel to a shady character?

    and the institute of chartered accountants of guyana do not take complaints about ram. the writer is right on topic. no slander, just opinion with facts. kaieteur news letters lack that. the columnists are free to attack individuals as they please. adam harris can't read. his mind is controlled by christopher ram obeah.

  2. christopher ram's son had to do something to hack into GINA website. i suspect that christopher ram's son hacked in my email and deleted it when i told his father that I would be filing a complaint to the ACCA about his books cooking on his clients to get a share of illegal VAT refunds.

  3. The letter mentions nothing about Christopher Ram, why would Kaieteur News and Stabroek News reject this letter? It's content is very academic and has no malicious claims. It's a letter of defense against Christopher Ram's harsh attack on a PPP person.

  4. Adam Harris will probably sent the letter to the junk mail because he and ram are fearful of the truth...

  5. After reading this, I am convinced that Christopher Ram is the enemy here. Even when I heard lately that Christopher Ram sodomised Lisa Moonilall in the office at Ram and Mc Rae. This corporate thug writes fake cease and desist letters where he is the bloody client. He shut down several blogs and websites that criticised him.Isn't that Hitler in the making?

  6. Rajendra Ram buseing up some jagdeo supporters on Baijanchoka blog:

    "Rajendra Ram
    June 23, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    You guys allowed Dan to spill VENOMS on this blog, so freely. Yet you have the gall to eliminate my comments. So BIASEDr
    Look Dan, Pink made some interesting point, which showed how NAIVE you aee. A coin has two faces, and every story has two sides of it. I bet if your ex-wife comes to this blog and read what you write, she sure as hell, will write what happened, or her side of the story. Not every relationship is a fairy tale, and certainly you cannot blame one person, since it takes two to tangle In fact, your story cannot be compared to Varrshnie, as she was the one, to me , who was victimized, don’t give Jagdeo a clearance, you can be wrong. I am glad that you can move on since life has to go on. I wish you well, but remember, not all women are the same. But, in my days growing up, I have seen my own Indo-Guyanese men TERRIBLY abused their wives. These guys at Baiganchoka ABUSED their wives also, no wonder they have edited my comments. So when women come to the USA, they see themselves as a better person. I am happy for them/

    Rajendra was probably talking about how his father Christopher Ram beat up Ena Ram and how his ass nearly got penetrated with a mop stick. Big auntieman Rajendra.