Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Assistant Police Commander, Mr. David Ramnarine’s outburst is cleverly orchestrated as a distraction to his benefit, knowing he is the subject of an investigation for demanding a total of $13 million from two businessmen while he served the interior area, E and F Division.
Mr. Ramnarine has since established gold dredging operations in the interior and a grocery store on the West Bank of Demerara. Last year he also purchased two houses.
It is absolutely clear that Mr. Ramnarine is trying to cloud the eventuality or cast doubts about any investigation into these allegations of impropriety. He is setting the stage to cry foul and make claims of victimization on the grounds that he is being target for the controversy he created over elections fund to the police.
It was Mr. Ramnarine who initiated the controversy with claims that his Division had never received any of the $90 million allocated to the police force for elections. Time has proven him as mischievous, conniving and treacherous, since a cheque bearing the signature D. Ramnarine was produced in Parliament confirming he signed for moneys allocated to his Division.
The Assistant Commissioner continues to discredit himself by breaching the Standing Orders of the Guyana Police Force which all members of the force, without exception are obliged to adhere to these orders.
It might just be because of Mr. Ramnarine’s disregard for rules and regulations that interior crimes escalated under his watch as Commander.

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