Friday, March 23, 2012

Does David Hinds know anything about the calculation of percentages?

There’s definitely something going on with some of these fellows in Guyana who are posing as “PhDs”. Not too long ago, we had to comment on the grammatically challenged AFC ‘pee” doctor from Berbice who claims he has a PhD in psychology. Famously, of course, we had Freddy Kissoon who posed for years when he was a columnist at the Stabroek News, that he was “Dr Kissoon”. Man never wrote a paper and pretended to be a “PhD”! Now David Hinds writes a letter that is so pitiable we wonder if he too bought his “PhD”?

Or maybe the heat in the Arizona desert (where he lives) softened his brains? This man – a political scientist? – doesn’t understand elementary maths? He claims smugly that the APNU/AFC bloc of votes must be seen as one – 51 per cent. Well, we always knew they were one, so okay let’s accept that. On the proportionality issue in front of the courts right now, he goes on to trumpet that the APNU/AFC 51 per cent is more than the PPP’s 49 per cent and ipso facto the PPP’s numbers on the committee cannot equal that of the APNU/AFC’s. And this is where we suspect that he ‘skulked’ from school!

Percentages, he would know if he went to ‘lil ABC”, much less possess a PhD, is not an absolute number… one speaks of a percentage of another number or value. So Mr David Hinds, PhD, what is 49 per cent of 10 or 9 persons – the number of members on the Selection Committee? What is 51 per cent of that same number – take your pick? You ever heard of the rules of “rounding off”, you fraud? If you did, you would know that 51 per cent or 49 per cent of 10 persons have to be equal.

And Hinds, the Constitution is explicit on Executive composition. Article 99 declares: “The executive authority of Guyana shall be vested in the President.” The president can share if he wants to. He doesn’t have to. Legislative power must be shared proportionally. There!

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