Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sasenarine Singh surmised from personal introspection, the veracity of Rollins’ "Jackass theory"..

A Freudian slip, we know, is a repressed wish or desire that involuntarily escapes from a person’s unconscious through his speech or writings. Sase “Thunderbolt” Singh surely made a Freudian slip when he referred to ex-punker Henry Rollins’ “Jackass Theory”. The human population explosion evidently outstripped the supply of human souls, resulting, according to Rollins, in the souls of jackasses being substituted. And presto! We can now appreciate the upsurge in jackasses parading in human bodies. Thunderbolt obviously surmised from personal introspection, the veracity of Rollins’ theory. He had sweated for months over the AFC’s economic plans with his buddy Tarron Khemraj of “Donkey Cart” economy fame – see the obsession with jackasses? They both had to be jackasses for believing that the AFC could ever win an election in Guyana!

Fleeing Guyana after the AFC’s ignominious defeat (and no finance minister’s ‘wuk’ available) Khemraj still hasn’t surfaced. We fear for his sanity. Thunderbolt, at least, has let slip what he thinks of himself after months of soul searching. But we think that Thunderbolt is being too harsh on jackasses: those poor creatures, after all, just bray without malice. Thunderbolt and Donkey Cart, on the other hand, have been viciously attacking their old comrades in the PPP just because Jagdeo refused to give them minister ‘wuk’ (Thunderbolt) and Bank of Guyana ‘wuk’ (Donkey Cart).

From their actions over the past couple of years, it is obvious that the two of them received the souls of snakes – more specifically, the souls of the black labaria. We note their propensity to strike viciously from their hiding places. Also their willingness to shed their skins (“loyalties”— PPP to ROAR to AFC) opportunistically to fulfil their ambition just to eat and grow – ie steal and get rich.

Another sign of ‘snakehood’ is that it’s not just “birds of a feather that flock together” – snakes also do the same. Now look at the characteristics of most – if not all of those in the AFC. All of them sly creatures willing to betray friend and family to satisfy their ambitions. Beware this nest of labarias!

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