Monday, March 19, 2012

“Camera Tricks” being used on instruction from WICB to manipulate crowd perception

West Indies Cricket Insider has reliably learnt that WICB CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire has instructed the broadcaster to use camera techniques that manipulate the perception of the size of the crowds at the matches in the Australia tour. It is understood Hilaire who has experience in using such techniques in his political career as a senior strategist for the St. Lucia Labour Party has decided to transfer this method to West Indies Cricket due to the dismal crowds expected for the Australia series. The methods were on show during the first one day international in St. Vincent where less than half of the stadium was full but throughout the day the cameras avoided panoramic shots of the stands and rather focused close in on certain areas of crowds which were designed to give the impression of larger crowds. However within the social media and message board discussions, fans quickly picked up on the tricks being used and decried the WICB for attempting to deceive fans regarding crowd size with the deceitful camera techniques.

West Indies Cricket Insider believes that the poor turnout has to do with the current dismal state of West Indues cricket under President Dr. Julian Hunte and Dr. Hilaire as well as the performances of the players under Sammy as Captain and the most powerful and dictatorial Coach Otis Gibson. The camera tricks deception is a last gasp effort by Hilaire to provide respectability to West Indies cricket by using political campaign strategies while the governance of the game continues to languish.

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