Monday, March 5, 2012

Kissoon exposes his 'dotishness' again: Daniels fled after Hoyte fired 300 state workers

Dismissed UG lecturer and KN columnist Freddie Kissoon continues to provide much needed entertainment. Seems the old trade unionist George Daniels told him he hasn’t been back in 23 years since he fled the country.
That would put it at 1989, right?
Yet Kissoon writes that Daniels fled after running afoul of Burnham in the “seventies”.
He fled Hoyte, you dolt, and it was in 1989.

But Hoyte is Kissoon’s poster boy for “democracy”. Daniels fled after Hoyte fired 300 state workers and a UG picket and march against his 10 to 1 budget. Where was the slacker?


  1. Why do KN continue to give this man space in their daily which could be used for something totally better.Everyday this man shows us that he is in a world by himself.

  2. Many time i reach to the conclusion that this man is in a delusional state and just write whatever comes to his mind without research and certainty.