Monday, March 5, 2012

The opposition’s totalitarian grab for total control.

As it euphoniously suggests, the totalitarian mindset is one that seeks total control: over groups, institutions and even individuals. Those that missed its machinations during the Burnhamite dictatorship have their chance to see it in action with the shenanigans of the opposition in Parliament. The electorate delivered the Executive to the PPP/C and the Legislature to the opposition coalition APNU/AFC by one seat.

You would think this implied some kind of parity, right? WRONG! You’re not factoring in the totalitarian mindset. Choice of Speaker and Deputy? All to the opposition! Parliamentary Selection Committee? Change the rules of the game and give control to the opposition. Supplementary spending? Require details beyond the rules and refuse to approve. And all this recalcitrant behaviour in the face of continuous accommodations by the president to offer them policy inputs.
Right now the opposition are raising a ruckus that the Executive is not going along with the farce over the Selection Committee. Or in other words, the government is not rolling over and playing dead. But that is what they will be if they accept the opposition’s totalitarian grab for total control: dead! The opposition want control of every committee in the House.
The government would be absolutely bonkers if they go along with this: every programme and project will be held up and they’ll be blamed for the resulting collapse. Call snap elections on the fascists!

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