Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Speculation abounds over possible Corbin/Granger rift

There is widespread speculation in political circles that the APNU is headed for disintegration. Recently the PNCR through its leader Robert Corbin announced the holding of a specially convened meeting of its general council in order to determine its future engagement with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).
Observers are pointing to a rift between the PNC leader and the current Opposition Leader and APNU head, David Granger. They see Corbin's announcement as well as several other internal maneuvers as an attempt to assert control over Granger and the APNU.
The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT), often touted as the youth arm of the APNU also recently sought to distance itself from that PNC dominated grouping. Many are of the belief that this decision to split had its genesis in the dispute between the two factions.


  1. You know after one time is a next well i guess that what Granger must have tell Corbin to drive him to hold meeting.

  2. Well this was bound to happen since Granger would see that Corbin didn't do nothing to help them during the election time.