Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why is the Guyana Press Association silent on the assault of Leroy Smith?

A Chronicle reporter on Mashramani day was viciously assaulted by members of the police force while carrying out his duties in full view of several persons. You'd think that such a despicable act would've been met with strong condemnation from the usually vociferous Guyana Press Association, the various trade unions, the so-called independent media, Red Thread et al. Instead, a deafening silence permeates the air.
Where is the talk about it being 'an attack on press freedom'?
Where are the calls for action?
Where are the protests?


  1. Someone sends death threats to Glenn Lall over some deal he made, and he runs on the press claiming that the PPP/C Government is after him.
    Freddie Kissson engaged in anal sex with one of Chris Ram's relatives and the feces from an impacted sphincter is thrown at his face because Chris Ram relative felt that Freddie was too rough. Freddie blames the Government.
    More extreme, Adolf Hitler created a mass genocide in the 1930s-1940s and Adam Harris blames Bharrat Jagdeo. Retarded opposition.

  2. The Guyana Press Association is only concern about reporters who are not working for the govt.If was someone in their section all guns would have been blazing.

  3. He reports for the Chronicle so they would have time with him.It just show that these people are so one sided with everything and then they would jump and lash out if was someone else that is associated with them.