Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who’s been sowing seeds of a ‘flourishing of intellect and ideas? Kissoon? C’mon Moses Bhagwan.

And they keep crawling out from under rocks in the U.S. to wash their mouths on the administration. The latest one to join the Freddie Kissoon ‘reinstatement’ bandwagon is Moses Bhagwan. For those who don’t know who Bhagwan is (he’s been out of Guyana for the past 20 years), he’s an old WPA hand. Like Roopnarine and David Hinds, who were traumatised by the PNC back in the 70s, he’s still fighting dragons that have long disappeared. Long distance, of course.

One knows that Bhagwan is living in some kind of la-la land when he asserts, ‘The University of Guyana is … where the seeds for a flourishing of the intellect and ideas, are being sown. Since its establishment politicians have kept a close watch, guarding against ‘subversive ideas’. The reality is that UG has been a hotbed of subversion by the PNC hacks who were given a sinecure there back in the day.
A university is a place where a catholicity of ideas and positions are encouraged. But instead parochialism, incestuous-ness and small-mindedness at UG is the norm. The fanning of ethnic and political polarisation are graphically on display, for instance, every time a presidential political debate is held there. The vitriol and hate PPP candidates are subjected to are beyond palpable. It is like a Roman Coliseum, where the locals are screaming for the blood of Christians.
Who’s been sowing seeds of a ‘flourishing of intellect and ideas? Kissoon? C’mon Bhagwan, get a life or crawl back under the rock you slithered out from under. How come you fellas don’t deal with the ugly fact that in 26 years, the man has produced two papers? (We’re pushing the envelope in using the word ‘produced’.) That’s flourishing? So what’s deterioration? In ‘bigging up’ Kissoon academically, Bhagwan has destroyed any pretence of objectivity. At least Jeffrey was more honest. And he was PNC. Rodney must be rolling in his grave.
And if the PPP has been ‘guarding against subversive ideas’, why didn’t they fire Kissoon long before? Bhagwan himself gave testimony of how virulent a critic of the PPP Kissoon was. If anything, the PPP members on the UG Council showed great forbearance for 19 years to put up with the non-productive Kissoon. But do they get any praise? Nah. Just fingers in the faces from lecturers!

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