Friday, February 17, 2012

The PNC, which rigged elections for 28 years is miffed at being accused of rigging.

The reaction of the opposition to the president’s assertion that the PPP/C was robbed of its majority through their ‘manipulations’ was predictable: “Wasn’t us! We weren’t there!” You did it! The APNU’s outrage would have been funny if their shenanigans weren’t so tragic. They want an apology! The PNC, which rigged elections for 28 years, during which all its present crop of leaders earned doctorates in the subject –is miffed at being accused of rigging?
Call them the APNU or whatever, it is an insult to the wisdom of the Guyanese people if in any election that the PNC participates in – whether for dog catcher or the presidency – they didn’t check for rigging. It’s in the genes by now. We now have another reason why the granddaddy of them all in the realm of rigging – ROH Corbin – took a back seat. It might have been a back seat on the hustings, but looks like he had a front seat elsewhere. South Georgetown?
And we can begin to appreciate Aubrey Norton’s fury at not being rewarded for his ‘work’ in Linden. Ah! What is it they say about no honour among thieves?
But the most predictable reaction was from Ramjattan and Nagamootoo. They jumped up and down like spayed fowlcocks: threatening much but in no position to deliver. Ramjattan threatened to pull out of the inter parliamentary talks if the president didn’t apologise! Gasp! So he’s going to cut his nose to spoil his face? The president did a favour to the opposition by inviting them into discussions on subjects that are totally within his prerogative.
Whatever faint hope that the president might have harboured that his magnanimous gesture would be reciprocated in Parliament has been twice shattered. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So Ramjattan expected the president to be fooled thrice? The opposition just doesn’t get it. The president tried to go the way of “consensus and consultation” (his words) but the opposition kicked him in the face. C’mon Ramjattan, let’s see you walk out from the inter parliamentary talks.

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