Wednesday, February 1, 2012

David Hinds crawls out from under a rock in Arizona

The Freddie Kissoon debacle drew out David Hinds, who crawled out from under a rock in Arizona to bash the PPP for Kissoon’s termination. But interestingly (and revealingly) much of his ire was directed at the opposition APNU and AFC! So what provoked that bile?

Addressing them as “the political majority”, he complained bitterly, “This is what we get in exchange for cooperating with and legitimising a minority one-party executive.” Yes, you read that right. Blocking Ralph Ramkarran and taking the Speaker and deputy speaker in the only encounter in Parliament is ‘cooperating’?
Imagine what is “opposing”! It looks like the good doctor would like to see some more street action such as he provoked with Bond and Collins. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals from the 70s? The main task is to bait and goad the opponent into reacting.

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