Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kissoon turns his poisonous pen on Professors, Compton Bourne & David Dabydeen

Kissoon is a perfect instance of the cosseted academic yard fowl that wallows in ingratitude.

He had been given at least two reprieves by the UG Council after being pulled up for academic non-production. But when finally terminated, he resorted to his usual modus operandi of dragging in red herrings and slandering everyone in sight that refused to pander to his solipsism. His poison pen has now turned on two very respectable members of the establishment – Professor Compton Bourne and Professor David Dabydeen.
So what’s Kissoon’s gripe with Professor Bourne, who, among other accomplishments, headed the Caribbean Development Bank? Well, seems like the goodly professor didn’t agree that individuals belonging to the same political party can be impartial when evaluating other members on non-party business. Obviously extrapolating from his own implacable bias and partisanship, this bitter old soul cannot conceive of others being objective. He nastily implied that Dr Bourne sold his soul for a houselot!
Dabydeen’s offence was to suggest that notwithstanding UG’s problems, Kissoon could have still produced academically. For a man claiming to idealise Dr Walter Rodney, Kissoon forgot that this real academic produced “A History of the Guyanese Working People” in worse conditions. Anyhow, according to Kissoon, Dabydeen sold his soul for an ambassadorship. He(Kissoon), of course, remains spotless.

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