Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harding & Blair's departure from PNC only tip of resentment iceberg generated by Corbin's manoeuvres to retain power.

Amid signs that ships are deserting the sinking rat, the PNC announced that it will hold a conclave (they call it General Council Meeting) to decide on its ‘relationship’ with the APNU and the performance at the last elections. What’s going on? Weren’t we told that the PNC was a member of the APNU? And the APNU did very well, thank you. What’s to discuss?

Ah! In politics, there’s always the issue of leadership to discuss. Politics is about power and power has to be in the hands of persons. Ambitious persons. And this is where ROH Corbin comes into the picture. Weeks ago, we predicted that Corbin cannot be too comfortable with the ascendancy of his stalking horse Granger but more worryingly, the positioning of Trotman to mount another challenge for the PNC’s top spot.
The departure of two top women – Harding and Blair – is only the tip of an iceberg of resentment that Corbin has generated inside the PNC in his manoeuvres to retain power. (Ramjattan should study Corbin.) The Norton sidelining is a big chunk of that iceberg. We predict that there will be much more bloodletting. ROH Corbin is not going ‘gentle’ into any night – good or otherwise. He is going to rage.

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