Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rain, rain and more rain.

It is good to know that the ‘country is safe’ thus far. We are referring here to the fact that even though the weather has been ‘lousy’ and the rain quite in excess, no major upheaval took place. In fact, in learning that there was not any kind of breaching or overtopping, of the conservancy dam, we felt very good indeed.

However, all Guyanese must be extra-careful-the alert must not slacken.

Currently, the water level is at a critical stage-a recording of 58.45 gradium (gd). If this level rises to 59gd, then that would be considered a danger zone. So there may be the need for hard work and plenty prayers.

Even before the current situation, the authorities have been doing a lot. If they had only been ‘slacking up,’ Guyanese would have been much more severely affected. Now there is still a lot of ‘drainage’ work in progress, and this augurs well for everyone.

Our word of advice is that everyone team up-do not dump garbage all over the place, never clog the drains, make emergency plans, build up the land as much as possible etc. Even if disaster should strike, never be found wanting.

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