Sunday, February 26, 2012

"I don’t know where Mr Kissoon got this false and fictitious story from" - APNU Cane Grove activist

Irredeemably psychologically damaged Freddie Kissoon in his Friday 24th article claimed that the PPP/C rigged the last elections. They were assisted in this illegality, according to Kissoon, by the absence of the AFC and the APNU election agents on Election Day at the polling stations in PPP/C dominated areas.

“I know that for sure in Cane Grove where some mischief took place.” Well up comes one Earle Lambert, who declared that “Since 1997 I have been the point person for the PNCR for the Mahaica-Cane Grove Area… I don’t know where Mr Kissoon got this false and fictitious story from, but I can tell you that all nine polling stations in Cane Grove were manned by the APNU polling agents.”

And this is the man that the lecturers of UG are going to the mat for?


  1. Freddie Kissoon is related to Mr.Ramesh Seebarran, and I've been informed that Mr.Seebarran is encouraging Freddie to peddle Malcolm Harripaul's agenda on the public. Christopher Ram is trying to keep his profile low because he knows that several of his ex-employees are out to get him and destroy his credibility.
    It is the same Christopher Ram and Ramesh Seebarran who threatened the Accounts Manager of Guyana Chronicle because they published letters that someone wrote exposing their dealings.
    So Ram is free to per se, expose, the PPP/C Government, but his dealings can't be exposed?
    Hypocrisy. Ram forced Guyana Chronicle to disable the Contact Page and monitor every word coming from a letter. Imagine what would happen if Ram turned into Government? Hitler! F**k!

  2. With this it proves that Freddie just writes with no confirm certainty.Here he is making false story that the PPP did some mischief in the Cane grove areas which is totally wrong.