Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Khemraj Ramjattan is a man fighting for relevance in the fast changing landscape of Guyana

Khemraj Ramjattan, we have pointed out before, is a man fighting for relevance in the fast changing landscape of Guyana. But like the Dodo that could not adapt to the new environment, he is headed for extinction. Like most passé creatures, however, he refuses to accept he is a “has-been”. For politicians, this means that you are ignored by the movers and shakers.

Ramjattan is whingeing and moaning that he was snubbed by the president of the IDB who recently visited Guyana. Poor deluded nonentity! The IDB is the largest single funder of Guyana’s developmental thrust: right now it has some $250 billion invested in our country. It is about to make the decision that will make or break the Amaila Falls Hydro-Electric Project – the largest project ever contemplated for Guyana. So, you would think the president of the IDB would have a chat with those that it deems to be the “players” here, right?
You bet your bottom dollar! This tells you that the international players have concluded that Ramjattan is yesterday’s news – stale. Trotman has manoeuvred himself to be in the running for the leadership of PNC/APNU where his support has remigrated; Nagamootoo, who brought in the Berbice votes, has been snubbed and derided by Granger and APNU: the AFC is done with and done for!
Speculating aloud why the IDB chief didn’t acknowledge his existence, Ramjattan threatened to ask our foreign minister why he was not “allowed” to meet the man! Listen, little man, don’t descend into paranoia: you just don’t matter. Ramjattan may try to impress sugar workers by showing up in “shirt and tie” on the order line, but just as they are turned off by his bitterness against the PPP, the international financial institutions (IFIs) have signalled he is already off the radar. To be successful in politics, you must stand for something, not just be against something. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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