Friday, February 24, 2012

What about those Parliamentary seats promised by the AFC to members of the Diaspora?

The nose of the wooden puppet Pinocchio grew every time he told a lie. Wish there was some visible tell-tale signs for politicians when they lie through their teeth. Before the elections, while scrounging for the big bucks in Toronto, The AFC's Khemraj Ramjattan promised: “Our party will reserve two seats in Parliament for representatives of overseas-based Guyanese.” So, where are these “overseas-based MPs”? Or is it that the ones that qualified, by registering and voting locally, such as Sase “Thunderbolt” Singh had too large skeletons to squeeze into the closets?


  1. well its to time suck it it up an d realized that the magic lamp has gone and there is no gene anymore

  2. Ramjattan made false promise just to get the diaspora to encourage Guyanese in Guyana to vote for AFC.
    Ramjattan was born from a witch of wizardry.

  3. What you mean what happen? It was a promise and i always hear a promise is a comfort for a fool.The AFC goes about making promise to people so that they can do work for them and when they get what they wanted from that's its.