Saturday, February 18, 2012

APNU unable to add 1900 SOPs two months after receiving them but questions Gov't's planning competence

The APNU/AFC opposition have blown their cover once again. Maybe one too many times. After all their sanctimonious rhetoric about wanting to ‘work with the government for the good of the country’, they proved that all they’re interested in is embarrassing the President. They certainly could care less if they brought down the economy in the process.

The previous two flexing of their parliamentary-majority muscle, while cynical and crass, might be seen as their unexpected electoral performance going to their heads. The rush of adrenaline made them want to get back at the PPP against which they had nursed so many grievances. Like putrid sores, they had to burst sometimes. So they trampled over every convention and rule in the book (and then some) to grab the Speakership and its deputy.
But their actions on the Supplementary Expenditures Papers brought before parliament on Thursday for approval exposed the level to which they will sink. All to further their nefarious plans to gratify their political ambitions of securing executive power through the back door. What are Supplementary Expenditures? Simply spending over that authorised in the last budget and ‘brought at the earliest opportunity’ for approval. It happens in every family and every country: there will be unforeseen situations that must be addressed for the development of the country to continue.
So the opposition nixed spending for the personnel that worked overtime so that the extended registration to capture unregistered persons could proceed before the elections! The government was not supposed to leave no stone unturned to ensure that every Guyanese exercised his/her right to vote? That’s what the opposition thinks – yet they scream about extending ‘democracy’!
But it is their denial of the funding on the preparation for the speciality hospital that takes the cake. Eye doctor George Norton – to be distinguished from Aubrey Norton who was denied a seat in parliament for the more pliable Keith Scott – had the temerity to question the ‘planning’ competence of the government. This from a member of APNU – a party that still cannot add the numbers from 1900 Statement of Polls more than two months after they received them!
Norton can perchance help remove the mote from APNU/AFC’s eyes.

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