Friday, February 17, 2012

Imagine what these people will do with state resources during the elections if they ever get into power again.

We mentioned the departure of Dr Faith Harding from the PNC ExCo. But Faith is also not going quietly (much less gently) into the night. She is railing mightily. She revealed that in the internal elections for the PNC’s presidential candidacy (which the APNU and the other PNC acolytes boast as being the epitome of democracy), Corbin backed Granger and the entire machinery of the party was thrown behind Granger.

Imagine what these people will do with state resources during the elections if they ever get into power again. Hypocrisy knows no bounds! Faith, who has no more faith in the PNC, said Granger and its other leaders “left Guyana without women leaders”.


  1. Man..don't study that skunt. Granger is an impotent and imcompetent person to become a leader.
    You didn't read Freddie "Felcher" Kissoon's recent articles? He wants to overthrow the PPP/C and majority combined opposition and have himself, Mark Benschop, Tungeyse and perhaps Christopher Ram rule Guyana.
    That's like the Nazi rule in Germany! Don't let Freddie dare try to sieze power. Weapons for all Guyanese to get rid of this potential Hitler.

  2. Communism is coming.
    Because the world crisis has affected sugar industry which resulted in costs cuts...
    Frederick Kissoon, the so-called Doctor (tested positive for maniac episodes)
    Quoted from Kaieteur News:
    "It was a depressing experience at Blairmont in the early morning hours of Thursday, February 16, 2012. I will never forget it. It tells the story of post-colonial tyranny that has caused Third World people to wish that the white man could come back. I took umbrage with respected Guyanese citizen, Ian Mc Donald when he wrote in a column before the general elections last year that Cheddi Jagan was a genius.
    I know from my studies that both Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham have created this mess that we call Guyana."

    Frederick Kissoon wants the white man to come back. Cuffy must be trying to come out of his grave. The 5 Enmore Martyrs must be willing to chop this miasmic mess with a cutlass.
    What has the white man done that was good for Indians and Africans?
    If Frederick Kissoon is a historian, then he is a preschooler to this.
    If Frederick Kissoon published this in Missouri or Alabama, he's bound to be charged for a hate crime.
    Frederick kissoon is a pro-Hitler and pro-slavery.

    I wrote a letter to Kaieteur News, hope they publish it.

    So when Christopher Ram reduced a supervisor's pay by $5,000 and made the girl had to spend a night with him..what is that Frederick Kissoon? What the F5 is that? Isn't that SLAVERY AND INDENTURED LABOURSHIP?