Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is the UG protest some kind of solar ritual by staff that may have been cooped up too long in classrooms?

The four day planned ‘sit-in’ by the UG staff seemed to have fizzled out and they’re back at what they know best: marching and screaming in the hot sun. Is it some kind of solar ritual by staff that may have been cooped up too long in classrooms? One wonders what they’ve been teaching in those classrooms – especially in the social sciences that were ‘hardest hit’. What are they being taught. Hands on objective subjects like medicine and law went on pretty much unaffected. See the correlation?

A Melissa Ifill jumped in to reassure the students whose education is going down the tubes over the political gymnastics of a few political types, that the strike is ‘for the students’ own good’! She should explain how this can be so when Ifill’s union spurned offer of the Pro Chancellor to improve the physical infrastructure of the University. So this will not help students but rehiring Kissoon will?
UG has been a black hole as far as the monies that have been pumped into the university is concerned: no information as to how it has been spent ever emerges. The government should use the opportunity to clean this Augean stable.


  1. Benschop has his panties all tied up in knots over the Henry Greene made-up scandal. He wants Greene to be charged with rape but for some reason he is forgiving of the man that raped him repeatedly in the Camp St Jail. Maybe it wasnt rape after all. Maybe that is why his wife left when she found out he was having consensual sex in prison.

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