Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UG protest not supported by student population

The few supporters of sacked University of Guyana lecturer Freddie Kissoon today took their protest action on a new front when this group which numbered around 14, blocked the gate intermittently by standing across the roadway.

The group of mostly lecturers, cleaning staff and 3 members of the UGSS, waved placards whilst chanting various slogans but failed in their bid to convince other students to join in. A few unarmed uniformed police arrived at 12:19 PM and warned the students against blocking ingress and egress.

Spokeswoman for the group of protesters, Bernice Anthony explained that they were supporting their lecturers' demands for no political interference in UG's affairs, the recruitment of experienced and qualified staff and the installation of laboratories.

When told that several classes were in session and a number of administrative services were being carried out despite the commencement of a four-day sit-in on Tuesday, Anthony suggested that those not participating might be politically motivated. Many students were overheard questioning the reasons behind the protests while some bluntly stated that they will not be affected by Kissoon's dismissal and were not interested.


  1. Learning is better than protesting the student have way better things to do than to stand around supporting a man that has really done nothing in his years of lecturing.

  2. Why should we go and protest unlike some who attend the university to waste time we are looking into bettering ourselves for the world so i would say that I'm not interested into protest that's not what I'm going there for.

  3. Freddie Kissoon is using a sexual term in his article: "masturbation"..he is corrupting the young.