Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Opposition and their budget misconceptions...

We hope that Carl Greenidge’s asseveration that APNU will abandon their insistence that they craft the budget along with the government is true. Reports claim that the APNU’s economic guru conceded that this is the responsibility of the government. We suspect that the blood had rushed to the head of the opposition when they discovered that they had obtained a majority in parliament. They felt that they could now do whatever they wanted. They forgot that there is a constitution that delineates power in this country.

We expect the junior opposition partner AFC, with the ever-strident and ever ambitious Ramjattan, to keep on making barking noises. But they have no bite now that Greenidge has spoken. Ramjattan's idiocy becomes even more evident when one examines his selection of himself and flower dealer Ramsaroop as representatives to the budget talks. His naked ambition has blinded him to what he might have cogged in law school when he sat for Constitutional law.
Another misconception that the opposition have to quickly disabuse themselves of is that after the budget of the finance minister is presented, they will be able to scuttle the administrations spending plans and substitute their own. They should get it into their heads that they can only amend what the government has placed in the budget. They can make no proposals that will place demands on the Consolidated Funds.

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