Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A look into Ramsey Ali's chequered past.

In July of 2003 Ramsay Ali was forced to resign following the discovery of a multi-million dollar fraud at Banks DIH Limited where he was employed as a sales and promotions executive.

Ali, who headed the sales team promoting Bank’s products, was held ultimately accountable for the transgressions in his department by the company.

Banks DIH products which were intended for promotional events at reduced prices did not reach the intended beneficiaries and employees of the company profited off the goods. Five of these employees’ services were terminated as a result.

Allegations of financial impropriety and visa racketeering were leveled against various members of the Guyana Cricket Board of which Ali recently announced his resignation as president.


  1. This man need to be put away for these crimes that he as committed.

  2. Don't they have someone who does back ground checks on these people before the gain certain position.