Sunday, February 26, 2012

APNU/YCT vulgarity on full display on Mash day.

The vulgarity captured here in this photo taken during the annual Mashramani float parade is reflective of the sort of hypocrisy we have become accustomed to from the PNC and its extension, the APNU. The APNU's youth arm burst unto the scene calling for responsible behaviour by our young people but then its actions so far indicate that 'responsible behaviour' isn't a trait that is imbued in members of the hierarchy of that grouping.


  1. Are those the Christians who were holding hands with Granger praying to win the elections? At least we know now to whom their prayers went.

  2. Sex is forced upon youth. People with the pedophilic minds such as CN Sharma and Christopher Ram tell five year old girls that their pee-pee hole is where they put...u get the picture.
    When little children see this, they want to try it and they are sexually excited from doing it. This is what the APNU endorses? What happened to the innocence of childhood?

  3. Aren't these the same youth arm that told people to act in a responsible manner.Well its not surprising to see they act in this manner the APNU youth arm is made up of the wild bunch of youths i would say.