Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sasenarine Singh should explain the AFC's broken promise to Berbicians

The AFC's Sasenarine Singh has resumed his political advocacy in the letter pages of the local newspapers, albeit, from the safe-heaven of his sofa thousands of miles away in the U.S. Resurfacing to comment on electoral promises by the PPP, Singh in his most recent letter chastised the government for the contractor's failure to ensure that the completion of the Synthetic track is on schedule. He pointed to this as another failed promise and electioneering gimmick by the ruling party.
Singh spared no thought though for the 8000 or so Berbicians whom the AFC promised 'change'. It was this promise and the thuggery, street protests, intimidation and destabilization which caused them to not vote for PNC. But little did they know this 'change' was only an electioneering promise as the AFC quickly found its way into the bosom of the PNC's APNU and supported the same actions which this block voted against at every election since Guyana's independence.

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