Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kissoon not a pauper, has never written a line for Kaieteur News without adequate compensation - Glen Lall

Freddie Kissoon's house

Kaieteur News publisher Glen Lall felt the need to append a note below an article written by columnist Freddie Kissoon in its Tuesday January 31st edition to correct what he saw as an attempt by the latter to misrepresent his (Kissoon)financial position as well as the salary he receives from the KN. Lall wrote that he is "not sure what message Mr Kissoon was sending to the nation in his Sunday issue. If it is that he is saying that he writes for free in Kaieteur News then he would be misleading the nation. He is paid handsomely".
He said that even when Kaieteur News reduced Kissoon's quota per week it never cut his pay and that Kissoon has never written a line for that newspaper without compensation.
Lall also wrote that though out of the country, he has been receiving lots of calls from persons inquiring about Kissoon’s paucity which is far from the truth.
He said that Kissoon's refusal to adhere to his warnings about using his column to mislead the public is placing his business in an embarrassing position.

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  1. The Council was unimpressed and not one single member of the 14 Council members present at that meeting, including the UGSS and fellow colleagues of the academic staff, not a single member supported his retention . The Council rescinded his contract.

    The Council also agreed that with four new members of staff and existing staff the students would not be disadvantaged by his absence