Monday, February 27, 2012

Greenidge bitching about everything under the sun.

Carl Greenidge, a former Finance Minister during the Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte led PNC governments, and whose economic policies resulted in a bankrupt and impoverished Guyana, recently went on a bitching spree.
Greenidge bitched about everything under the sun, from the legality of Robert Persaud's Ministry, to the suitability of Amaila Falls for hydro-power. But what caught our attention the most was when Greenidge told the Kaieteur News that under the watch of the current President of the IDB Luis Alberto Moreno, Caribbean officials have disappeared from the senior levels of the bank. The undertone of which is that the IDB head posses some sort of bias towards persons from the Caribbean and may be discriminating against them.
This is precisely the sort of nonsense you'd expect to hear from a man who spent most of his years in a political organization which feels it has a monopoly on one section of the population in Guyana. It is this very party which proudly declared that it represents only the interest of this section.


  1. All of a sudden Greenidge knows what is wrong and where is the right place for the Hydro power.Its all shocking that this man had a responsibility which was totally mismanagement,but now looks to criticize others.

  2. Mr.Greenidge please shut your trap cause you had your chance and made a total mess of this country and others who are doing a good job you bitching about their work.