Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Language, cheap labour propelling growth of telemarketing in Guyana

Highly competitive labour costs together with the relatively neutral accent of Guyanese are major factors propelling the growing telemarketing industry in South America’s lone English speaking nation.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NPI Communications Incorporated, Rajendra Persaud, said the consensus among his peers around the world is that Guyanese are very well suited to this business mainly because the local accent is relatively neutral and more readily understood anywhere in the world.

During a recent interview with the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, Persaud said Guyana’s language structure is similar to that of the USA where the major customers are located, and Guyana functions in the same time zone. He added that NPIC’s service costs are very competitive because labour costs in Guyana are relatively low even in comparison to other CARICOM countries.

NPI Communications however, has faced several challenges over the years associated with the availability of skilled labour and being able to effectively compete with the well-established international call centres.

Persaud said it is not easy for a small online service to go it alone in the wide world of technological communications. The major clientele, immense corporations and business chains spread across the globe, are more comfortable entrusting their confidential marketing data to large experienced and accredited marketers.

Nevertheless, NPIC, established in 2002, has joined an existing telephone marketing network. The company successfully operates a thriving call centre based at Tain, Corentyne, and a recently commissioned branch close to Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, on the east coast of the Demerara River.

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