Saturday, February 18, 2012

AFC/APNU attacks on preparations for the speciality hospital warrants closer scrutiny

The site for the specialty hospital
at Liliendaal being cleared

Considering the compulsions of the opposition to throw wrenches into the government’s plans to make them look bad in the eyes of the electorate – not to mention trying to show they’re ‘doing something’ – the attacks on the preparations for the speciality hospital bears a closer scrutiny.
On one hand the opposition has consistently lambasted the government for not completing its projects on time. The Amaila Falls Road is a case in point. Why now the condemnation for proceeding with alacrity on a facility that can save lives. For instance, Moses Nagamootoo should have realised that if we had such a hospital when Dr Jagan had his heart attack, he could have been saved.
Is it because it is being built and will be staffed by Indians? Ask Mayor Green.


  1. Dear Editor,

    It has been brought to my attention that the Guyana Chronicle published an article captioned ‘Controversial accountant’s sons threaten to hack PPP websites’ dated July 31, 2011, where my brother Ravendra Ram has been wrongfully accused of being an orchestrator in hacking government websites.

    I am afraid that Ena Ram’s letter a short while ago may have incited the horrible behaviour of certain government officials who try their best to defame the character of my father Christopher Ram, an ACCA member and prominent attorney, in the most disrespectful way possible.

    Ravendra Ram is innocent. I wish to let the public know that Ravendra Ram lives the life of a good, decent, law-abiding citizen. He does not live the luxury life as many PPP officials claim. These claims should be countered to the fullest as the PPP journalists lack facts. Ravendra Ram, growing up with one or two bad experiences, was very outraged when he found out that very sensitive and confidiental information was available in the public domain. I know one of the officials has an intense grudge against my father. But that does not give him reason to fabricate false allegations against respectable members of society.

    The PPP operatives claim that my father is involved in illegal dealings. Where is the evidence? There is no evidence because the operatives, no matter how educated and wealthy they are, stoop down low to endorse anonymous blogs that have malicious and slanderous claims about opposition members.

    I challenge the Guyana Chronicle to come forward with facts as the article seems to be the opening for a potential libel suit. And since Christopher Ram is an attorney, I hope that justice is served to the insidious operatives of the PPP/C who fabricate lies and nancy stories against my father and my siblings.


    Copy everything, CTRL+A and paste on Powerpoint and you have the poor Rajendra Ram pictures.

  2. Neurologist, Dr.Frederick Kissoon [hired by Skull and Bones of Yale and KKK] on Wednesday rejected allegations against QUASI-ACCOUNTING Scholar, Lallbachan Christopher Ram that he sexually molested several Ram and Mc Rae girls because he is impotent.
    Medical examinations conducted on several girls show that they have been anally abused. The girls are now griniding their cat with the Glenn Lall Illuminati clan of the Kaieteur News.
    “To say that he committed those acts is akin to saying that an individual without arms could use a cutlass to attack policemen,” said Kissoon in a letter to the media. ““I wish to state publicly that Christopher Ram did not sell Hotel Tower nor Glenn Lall is a human smuggler is totally and absolutely innocent and there is no one who can challenge that statement,” he claims.

  3. Damn!! A hospital that well provide special services for us Guyanese people these people are turning their eyes on this well help in a major way.SMH

  4. These people that make up the opposition are really mindless the govt try to help save lives and they wanna play down it.Whats wrong with these jackasses.

  5. Salaam. Someone sent me a link to your website and it is a disgrace to this blogger who owns Propaganda Press to post insults on the holy religion of Islam. Diversity is what the PPP/C is trying to achieve but it is uneducated and demons like you who are harbouring animosity amongst Guyanese. I am enraged and infuriated at your post of disrespecting the Holy Prophet and Muhammad. I kindly ask that you remove the posts that are insult to Muslims and Allah. Failure to do so, I am going to file a complaint to Wordpress with a lawyer's note attached. Allah will give me strength to make your life miserable should you not comply with this complaint. I have forwarded this message to my fellow Muslim brothers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iran so that they can see how evil this Propaganda Press is. Take this as a warning. Haifazal Hakh United States of America.