Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How can the AFC support Kissoon's continued employment as a UG lecturer when he hasn't done any research?

The AFC held a press conference. They’re good at press conferences. The people won’t see them until the next election campaign because how can they leave their creature comforts of Georgetown? So press conferences will have to deliver their message. Their latest message was all about solidarity with their pal Kissoon. (Kissoon regularly boasts that he and Rampattan are ‘friends’. They deserve each other.) It goes without saying of course, that they also took the opportunity to bash the PPP: ‘The AFC places the blame for the present poor conditions and low staff morale squarely on the shoulders of the PPP/C government.’ What’s new?

Very portentously, they announced: “The University of Guyana Act clearly states that the university must be a place of education, learning and research…” On the evidence of this statement alone, one could get an inkling of the crass hypocrisy of the AFC. How can they support Kissoon’s continued employment as a lecturer at UG when it has been conclusively proven that he just doesn’t do research? As we have previously shown, the best that Kissoon can claim on the research front is with the help of others, he’s cobbled together two papers in 26 years!
OK, Ramjattan and company, read your own statement – SLOWLY. See the requirement for ‘research’?

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