Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sport Minister says IMC will continue to function

From left: Attorney General (AG) and Legal Affairs
Minister Anil Nandlall, Sports Minister Dr. Frank Anthony,
Permanent Secretary- Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
Alfred King and IMC Chairman Clive Lloyd

Despite the challenges it is currently faced with, the government-implemented Interim Management Committee (IMC) will continue to function within its mandatory time frame.
This was the assurance given by Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony at a press conference yesterday at the Sport Ministry’s headquarters on Main Street.The IMC, which was established in December last, is in keeping with the Honorable Chief Justice Ian Chang’s court ruling, and according to Dr. Anthony, the aim of the IMC is to resolve all the wrongdoings within the cricket administration and to fix the game of cricket nationally.
“Since December we have established an IMC to run cricket in this country; this was after the court ruled that the GCB has no legal personality. Therefore, we can’t leave this thing in a vacuum, cricket is so much important to our country so we must continue to have cricket in this country, so the IMC is to ensure that this happen, there must not be a gap,” Anthony said.
Anthony added that while the IMC is taking a proactive approach in solving the current cricket crisis, there are a handful of people who are profiting from the current situation.
“So it seems that a handful of people, a very small hand full of people, are profiting from the current system as it exist…this chaos that exist…and we cannot allow this to happen; we cannot allow a few people who are profiting from it right now to continue to benefit this way. It continues to affect the entire country’s cricket and the handful of people seems not to care about cricket, so the IMC will continue to do its work, we have set a time frame and we will be working to that time frame,” the Sports Minister reiterated.
“We had allowed enough space for the board to self heal; apparently that was not possible,” Anthony said.
The Sport Minister said that one of the main items on the committee’s agenda is resolving the issue of which one of the constitutions of the GCB is really the correct one.
He also said that there are allegations of financial impropriety within the level of the various boards, and added that the ministry cannot take such allegations lightly. With the committee in place, a forensic audit to determine the validity of the accusation will be conducted, Dr. Anthony said.
Meanwhile, talks between the Guyana government, the GCB and the WICB last month had apparently reached a consensus, but according to Minister Anthony, the ball remains in the WICB’s court.
The Minister noted that there should be a more collaborative effort between the WICB and the world governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), in order to have the current crisis resolved. He however, noted that government will not be threatened by the WICB.
“We want to solve local cricket problems, so don’t threaten us to say that you will remove matches; we are not going to be threatened, and we will continue to do the work of the IMC [which is] to fix the cricket. That is what we will do because we think it is in the general public’s interest, so that is to make sure what is happening here that we fix it and no amount of threats, no amount of harassment or going to the courts or whatever they are trying to do will detract us from doing what we think is right and what we think is in the interest of Guyanese cricket,” Dr. Anthony noted.

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