Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Granger is a stranger to the truth - Dr Faith Harding

Opposition Leader David Granger was once again exposed as a liar, this time by his former PNC colleague, Dr Faith Harding. Harding had earlier this week announced her resignation from the Central Executive Committee of the Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) alleging that she was being sidelined among a host of other reasons. When asked for a response Granger denied that she was sidelined and treated unfairly by the leadership of that party after she contested the primaries for the presidential candidate post. Kicking into full propaganda mode Granger said “there has been inclusivity”.

However Granger’s deceitful ways was further exposed when Dr Harding responded by saying that “he was not even an elected member of the central executive committee of the PNCR and so could not speak on behalf of the party”.
She explained that Granger could not offer or speak with any authority about her 40 years of service to the PNCR. She accused him of being a stranger to truth, claiming she was “locked out of the process that afforded persons the opportunity to be part of APNU” and “was sidelined and treated unfairly”.
“How could you answer a lie,” Dr Harding stated, arguing that no offers were made to her for any postings, either within the ranks of the PNCR or the APNU. “My colleague, Carl Greenidge had written the party’s leadership informing them that they cannot lock me out and cut me off from the process while advocating that they assign some responsibility to me,” she noted. Dr Harding explained that it was not until after the intervention made by Greenidge that she received a correspondence from the party’s then Chief Whip Lance Carberry, asking her to join the policy committee where specific tasks were assigned to her.
As regards her overseas trips, Dr Harding is contending that she informed the party twice of her departure after she found out that there was nothing here for her to do, and given the fact that the leadership of the party had not contacted or assigned any duties to her.
She also contended that she received no response from the now opposition leader even though she had penned a letter congratulating him after his victory at the primaries, and indicating that she is ready to serve.
“He had called a meeting and then cancelled it after,” she disclosed, and described Granger’s statements to the media as disrespectful. The woman who holds two masters degrees and a doctorate, explained that she will not be part of a movement that is de-linked from its membership and micromanaged by a few males. She has long made public her concern that there are not many women leaders in society, starting at the helm of political organisations.
Several PNCR supporters are also upset over the manner in which the party handled the Dr Faith Harding issue, and some of the delegates who supported her are planning to voice their concerns at the upcoming general council meeting slated for March 3 and 4.


  1. Granger was put there cause of Corbin and wasn't even apart of the PNC/R and has turn his back on some of the members that are against the post which he holds.

  2. I know that it would have come to this since many members have disagree has Granger has a choice for the presidential candidate side tracking Stalwarts.

  3. Its clear that Corbin had to put some one there that he could control since Ms. Harding states that he was apart of the PNC"he was not even an elected member of the central executive committee of the PNCR ". Granger is Corbin Puppet