Monday, February 13, 2012

Glen Lall fingered in AG report over US$2M unpaid debt

The Auditor General has cited Guyana Stores Limited (GSL) for owing the state some US$2 million (G$407,399,993) in outstanding fees for the purchase of the business when it was privatised by the government back in 2000.

The information is stated in the AG’s 2010 report which was handed over to the Speaker of the National Assembly on Friday. Government had sold Guyana Stores for US$6 million, but since October 2000, it has been a tough battle for the owners to pay the full sum. According to the AG, some US$4 million has been paid and the remainder should have been paid over since 2002, but the owners have defaulted.
Kaieteur News Publisher Glenn Lall and Tony Yassin are reportedly the two major shareholders of GSL. It is not clear whether GSL has been struck off the Register of Companies for its lack of compliance.


  1. arch-criminals in crime ! their mug shots can tell WHAT they r ! WHERE they r ! their face is the window to their mind ! both of which reeks of criminal intent !

  2. This is shocking!
    One newspaper owner who owns a muckracking press that is fighting for fairness and transparency is owing the Government millions of dollars for taking an asset under the ownership of PPP/C Government= the same government Glenn Lall is attacking.
    I've been informed on New York news that Glenn Lall opened an informing business that serves the FBI and CIA.Glenn Lall is paid money to snitch and make false claims on Guyanese.
    This is hilarious. One backtracker is paid by the US Feds and the USA cannot even help out the unemployed and sick. USA is a gangster country. People like Glenn Lall have rights. Glenn Lall paid hitmen to murder one of his enemies who threatened to expose him. Glenn Lall is evil more than the PPP/C million fold.

  3. Tony Yassin is one of Christopher Ram's and Ramesh Seebarran favourite clients. Yassin has some documents that one of my friends can get access to at one of the accounting firms. Yassin used to engage in sexual activity with minors and defrauded a man from Vergenoegen $500,000 in the usual visa scam that grew in the late 1990s-2000s


  5. So why are these men still free to roam the streets? If they are criminals why aren't they charge for their crimes?
    Glen Lall is a known criminal and a friend of the CIA.