Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greenidge's own mismanagement of Guyana's finances debars him from speaking on accountability

Newspaper clippings during the time when Greenidge presided over
Guyana's financial mismanagement

PNC spokesman on finance, Carl Greenidge, should be the last person in Guyana to attempt to lecture anyone on public accountability. So says Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, in response to comments attributed by Kaieteur News yesterday to the former PNC Finance Minister on the matter of the financial papers to be considered by Parliament at today’s sitting.

The Minister pointed out that Greenidge has the dubious distinction of committing the most flagrant disregard for public accountability during his own tenure, having failed to produce audited public accounts for over a decade, and having refused permission to the Auditor General to perform audits of public sector entities.
Minister Singh stated that Greenidge’s track record on matters concerning public accountability is so dismal that he should be embarrassed to even comment on the subject. “The magnitude and implications of Greenidge’s disregard for public accountability during his own tenure as Minister under the PNC are still to be fully grasped,” Dr. Singh stated.


  1. He was once minister of finance that drive this country economy into the ground now he is talking about accountability.The people have no shame.

  2. WTF!!!. Greenidge should be the last person talking about accountability Guyana was a state that no one could have think that it would have recovered from.