Friday, February 24, 2012

Hope 'Dr Patsy' was able to hold on to her hat as she 'stormed out' of meeting with UG delegation

We have commented before about the rigorous training trade unionists have to undergo, as explained by that stalwart Lincoln Lewis. No decorum here – and it doesn’t matter whether you are in a position to permanently warp the minds of our impressionable young! It included, as we pointed out then, screaming and sticking fingers into the faces of anyone in authority.

We were fortunate to be enlightened on another facet of the training recently. It seems that after another stint at their solar ritual (marching around in the sun) the lecturers, including the indomitable Dr Patsy Francis, president of UG’s Senior Staff Association (UGSSA), engaged in some negotiations with a UG delegation of administrators.
After talks broke down the good doctor-unionist-lecturer explained, “…we had to storm out of the meeting.” They couldn’t ‘flounce’ out – we understand that. That would be kind of sexist. But couldn’t they “walk” out? Or couldn’t they ‘choose” to storm out? Ah! Then it dawned on us: the training by Lincoln the Loud. They had to storm out. We hope they were able to hold on to their hats as they performed this ‘storming’ manoeuvre.

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