Monday, February 13, 2012

GCB depositing money into an account that does not exist

The Clive Lloyd led Interim Management Committee (IMC) met with the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA) on Saturday last. And it was during this meeting which took place at the Providence Community Centre ground, that a very startling revelation was made by former vice-president of the Guyana Cricket Board Bissoondyal Singh.
In referring to the IMC’s Mission Statement which Lloyd read out to the gathering, that states among other issues, to put into place a legally binding Constitution and facilitate the transparency of a properly constructed elections of the GCB, Singh revealed there was many discrepancies taking place within the GCB that he himself was unaware of.
“I never knew, until it was near time for me to give up the post of vice-president of the GCB, that that entity gets a subvention of US$100,000 from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)that should be used towards Cricket Development, even though I was the head of the GCB’s Cricket Development Committee.
Added to that, we are unaware - and maybe some of you can help out in this regard, - of the number of bank accounts the GCB has in its name, as the statement does not show that. The other thing we discovered the other day is that they are depositing money into an account that does not exist and that is why all these problems are here.
As a matter of fact, before I came off the GCB as vice-president, there was an account receivable of US$324,000 by the GCB and we have never received a statement to that effect, while I learnt that from a source out of Guyana,” said Singh.


  1. Members of the GCB have been robbing player of their share and now we see that they are really making something for themselves.Its good that the govt has brought this committee into focus.