Monday, February 20, 2012

Christopher Ram not just a stranger to the truth; he's a declared enemy of it.

Jerry Goveia had authorised his bookkeeper Christopher “Suspenders” Ram to open his books (Goveia’s) to the Freddie Kissoon. Now Ram is not just a stranger to the truth; he is a declared enemy of the truth. Thus, while Ram couldn’t find time to say whether he was approached by Kissoon (with whom he’s in quite intimate contact) for the details, he’s in the Stabroek News burnishing his reputation for falsification.

He’s complaining that COP Greene was hired past the 55 year retirement age for COPs. But isn’t this the same man who’s been clamouring for Kissoon to be re-hired past the retirement age of 60? Green can’t function past 55 but Kissoon can past 60? He claims Greene’s contract extension is illegal because Jagdeo/Luncheon doesn’t have the authority to do that. (He’s wrong on that count.) But it’s OK for the UG Vice Chancellor to extend Kissoon’s contract even though he doesn’t have the authority? Such is the topsy-turvy world of strangers to the truth!


  1. Christopher Ram employee is involved in Propaganda Press.

  2. A close friend of Ram, one Mr.Ramesh Seebarran, called one of his former employees Carla a "negro jackass" and also a "useless black skunt".

    Ramesh Seebarran victimized the girl till she resigned.

    Christopher Ram is using people. He is a hater of the black man tool.

    1. This anonymous person is lying. Ramesh Seebarran does not live in Guyana and nor does he confide with Christopher Ram. Carla does not know Mr.Seebarran and Mr.Seebarran is not a self-employed person. He doesn't have dealings in Guyana. Just Google his name. Ramesh Seebarran lives in India. You people have the wrong name.

  3. He only knows that something is wrong once it occur within the govt but once its outside of that he doesn't see its a problem.People like him are scared to accept the truth.